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EAJ Services, Inc. is a private full service design, development, and construction firm. We have a track record of successful property developments in a diverse mix of real estate throughout New Jersey, New York and South Florida. Our professionalism, experience, and know-how in all phases of property development speaks for itself. Our extensive portfolio comprises world-class residential, commercial, and mixed-use properties. We create visionary neighborhoods and communities that reshape urban life. City by city, property by property, experience by experience, we transform what it means to live, to connect, to belong.

What We Do


Our skilled acquisition team is steeped in years of experience in identifying and acquiring properties in superior locations with great potential for value creation.


Our stable financial performance and solid financial footing have established us a capable buyer, reliable investment partner, and creditworthy borrower. EAJ is strongly skilled in financial analysis and conservative underwriting in carefully selecting its investment opportunities.


Our strength is in our thorough and detailed approach to construction management of proprietary developments.

Residential property

Our dedicated team of managers oversee each phase of a project, assuring the objectives of our investments are fulfilled, and its residents are treated to a first class living experience. EAJ's skilled and experienced property management organization is well-versed in marketing and managing a residential project from inception through full occupancy.

Commercial property

Our asset and property management objective is to properly maintain our investment properties while assuring the highest return on those investments.

Our latest projects