About Us

Our Mission

EAJ Inc believes in establishing strategic partnerships with local public sector organizations to be an active participant in the health and well-being of the localities. We are committed to the selective development of innovative, high-quality properties that create long-term economic and civic value.

What we do 


Whether it is new construction, redevelopment, or repositioning – our stellar proprietary financial and demographic analysis allows us to create an accurate model of projected property income before seeking funding from potential investors and lenders. Our skilled team of professionals and the extensive research they provide, allows us to identify undervalued assets in order to capture value. Prior to the purchase of development properties our team works diligently to develop design concepts and plans in association with notable architectural firms. Multiple bids are obtained from licensed and bonded subcontractors and detailed construction cost budgets and schedules for projects from purchase to completion are implemented.


And our due dilligence doesn’t stop there: With respect to income properties we analyze historical net operating income and pro forma statements, capitalization rates, comparable property values, demographics, and entitlements to determine if a property meets our acquisition criteria. With careful research and planning we strive to raise projected return while maintaining the highest level of quality and risk mitigation.